ANIMAL FOUNDATION - 700 North Mojave, Las Vegas 702-384-3333
NEVADA SPCA - 4800 West Dewey,Suite D, Las Vegas 702-873-7722
CITY OF LAS VEGAS ANIMAL CONTROL - 3150 Stewart,Las Vegas 702-229-6348
HENDERSON ANIMAL CONTROL - 390 W Athens, Henderson 702-565-2033
CLARK COUNTY ANIMAL CONTROL - 4800 West Dewey, Las Vegas 702-455-7710
The Dewey Animal Care Center - 4800 W Dewey Dr, Las Vegas - 702-873-3455
BOULDER CITY ANIMAL CONTROL - 1390 San Felipe, Boulder City 702-293-9283
Las Vegas Valley Humane Society-2250 East Tropicana Avenue Ste. 19,LasVegas,89119 - (702)-434-2009
NORTH LAS VEGAS ANIMAL CONTROL (site coming soon) 649-9111
Southern Nevada Aussie Rescue - Phone: 702-434-6410, cell 702-419-3227
Shelterdog Rescue Phone: (702)596-1615
24 Carat Ferret Shelter and Rescue-Phone: 702-876-8224
Heaven Can Wait Sanctuary-Phone: 702-227-5555
Lied Animal Shelter-Phone: 702-384-3333
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